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About Mustangs Unlimited

We make 1/5th scale Mustang replica airplanes that are used as weathervanes.  The planes are made of fiberglass and have a propeller that actually turns in the wind.  The planes are mounted on a pole with the hardware provided.  The wing span is 7 feet and the fuselage is 6 feet and each plane weighs around 30 pounds.  The P-38 has an 11 foot wing span and 8 foot fuselage.

We have been in business since 1988 and have built hundreds of these planes.  Most of the time they are used as weathervanes on top of a building, mounted to a pole, but if you have indoor space they are very decorative and will for sure brighten up the decor for the aviation enthusiast.

The plane will arrive to you in a box with the wings off.  Some assembly is required, but can normally be done in less than a half hour.  P-38's are fully assembled less propellers and will be delivered due to size. If you have selected to paint your own plane, we will provide you with the vinyl decals to complete your plane.